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    Welcome to ZhangJiaGang HuaJie Machinery Factory website!


  • PE milling machine
  • PVC milling machine
  • PVC milling machine
  • Feeder
  • Vibrating screen
  • Crusher
  • vacuum cleaner
  • Extruder
  • Centrifuge

    ZhangJiaGang HuaJie Machinery Factory
    Contact: Tang Jingming
    Tel: 0512-58600185
    Global Unification Hotline: 4006961663
    Mobile: 13801566996
    Fax: 0512-58655998
    E-mail: zjghjjx@163.com
    Address: Leji Town, Zhangjiagang City (Qi village group 27) Miao Feng Road and Yanjiang Road intersection turn left 150 meters


    Only efforts will pay off

    Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016-03-11 10:00:06 Hits:398

    Zhangjiagang City Huajie Machinery Factory since its inception, uphold honesty, diligence and win-win cooperation business purposes, Zhangjiagang City Hua Jie Machinery Factory have today's success. Enterprise development is inseparable from the excellent staff, and only let their employees continue to improve themselves, can make the product quality improvement, so that more customers trust.

    So how to make themselves into the company's outstanding employees. First of all from the work. Do not give yourself a decision. Whatever you do, do not be afraid of it when you're not doing it. In the absence of doing before, no one knows the results. As long as determined to try, hard to do, no matter how the results, at least their efforts will not regret it, but will not be looked down upon by others. Do not give up halfway, maybe you succeed in the moment to give up, so you really regret it too late. Life might just try to change.

    Many people will envy those officials who think they are very glorious, looks very beautiful, very relaxed day look. In fact, this idea is wrong. Behind the successful people tend to have a sad manager, no one can casually succeed, are relying on their own efforts in order to get the return. There is a saying of good, said the greater the power of the shoulder, the greater the responsibility borne. Not to say that everyone can bear the weight of the hat. If the Monkey King somersault put a monk back to the Western Paradise, the monk to take back the value of what is there, a steel after a hard-working, in any case is not good to become a blade in the blade.

    Success is not so easy to get, do not experience the rain how to see the rainbow. I believe in the ongoing efforts, Zhangjiagang City Hua Jie Machinery Factory will continue to improve, will be more customers for their support. Zhangjiagang City, Hua Jie Machinery Factory all refueling it, I believe that you, our tomorrow will be even better.

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